Category: Nightbot

  • ytsubs.php

    Gets a YouTube channel’s subscriber count. CHANNEL_ID is the channel’s ID (not its username). The Nightbot command is: $(urlfetch

  • discordMsg.php

    Sends a message to your Discord server. WEBHOOK_URL is your Discord webhook, MESSAGE is your message to send, NAME is the name you’d like to display on the webhook, PICTURE_URL is the picture you want as the avatar, enter true or false for tts, and SUCCESS_MESSAGE is the message for Nightbot to return upon a […]

  • smm.php

    Makes Nightbot send multiple messages (up to 6) to your Twitch/YouTube/Discord chat. The i parameter is the delay in seconds (minimum 5) and the d parameter is whether to delay the second message or not (0 or 1). Just like hello.php, smm.php requires a Nightbot header to be passed, so only Nightbot can directly call […]

  • det.php

    Computes the determinant of a 3 by 3 matrix. Enter the entries in row-major order and comma-separated. The Nightbot command is: $(urlfetch$(querystring))

  • length.php

    Determines the length of a given phrase. You can, of course, do the same thing quite easily with the Nightbot $(eval) variable. The Nightbot command is: $(urlfetch$(querystring))

  • hello.php

    This script greets the command user with a randomly picked greeting. A tad useless since this can be achieved via the Nightbot $(user) variable, but this was a good way to practice using Nightbot request headers. Since the command user is obtained from Nightbot’s request headers, I’ve set the script to only allow Nightbot to interact with […]